Glass Worktops


For a work top that looks clean and crisp a Glass worktop or splashback could be for you. With an unlimited choice of colours, various textures and a 12mm or 20mm profile. The glass is templated on site, cut to size back at the factory and finally goes through a toughening process to make it heat and scratch resistant.

As glass is a non-porous material, glass worktops are also stain resistant and easily wiped clean. Glass worktops work great with curves, add lighting to finish with a stunning look.

wood worktops


Adding wooden worktops to any kitchen whether it's contemporary or traditional will give your kitchen a natural element and introduce colour and texture. Wood has a range of thickness and can be styled to create some stunning designs.

With a small amount of care and maintenance wood can look stunning for years to come, however if it's badly kept it will quickly become a problem for you..

granite worktops


This worktop speaks for itself, you only have to see it. Due to its natural origin, granite has a unique colour, character and beauty. Due to its resistance to heat and cold, granite is a perfect fit for the kitchen. With a dense structure it is not easily damaged in the course of daily life.

Stunning natural stones can really give your kitchen a unique edge. With a little care and maintenance granite will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

Quartz Worktop


Quartz is one of the strongest performers in all areas. It has a high resistance to scratches and heat and with it being non-porous means it’s highly stain resistant also. We have a large and varied range which provides a full breadth and depth of colour with a choice of matt or high gloss finish.

Quartz is made up from 95% crushed quartz with a resin to bind. Glass particles are added to some ranges to give them an extra sparkle, whilst other colours can provide natural looking marble effects.

granite worktops


Corian is one of the most versatile worktops available. Your palette is whatever you want it to be. Corian comes in a satin finish and has a range of translucent colours which can achieve stunning backlit effects when bathed in light. Many of the colours can come with striking effects: veining, translucency and various degrees of graining.

It can be moulded to create raised textures and patterns on its surface or worked like wood to give perfectly rounded edges. Corian is made from crushed stone with a resin to bind which is why it’s so malleable and makes joints hard to see with the naked eye. If you want something that stretches to your imagination Corian is the right choice.


gaggenau hood

cooking appliances

The kitchen is the hub of most households, so it's important to buy the best gadgets and appliances that will stand up to regular use. When it comes to the oven you may want to consider capacity. What capacity will you require for everyday use and for those special occasions? You will also want to think about the hob, with a choice of Gas, Electric, Ceramic or Induction, there is a lot to think about. And if you cook with frequently with your hob you will inevitably cause some aromas you want to extract.

Cooker hoods are quite often an afterthought but an important part of the kitchen, helping to keep your room free from smoke, dry and clear from greasy air particles that come with cooking with oil. Compact appliances like microwaves, steam ovens or a sous vide can add flexibility to your cooking and give you that little extra capacity. As with all of our appliances we have a full range of manufacturers and a world of choice with built in and freestanding options. Just tell us how you like to cook and we can advise a great solution.

neff washing machine

cleaning appliances

When considering a new kitchen, cleaning appliances are likely to be high on your list of things to look at. A dishwasher is only a luxury until you get one… and then it’s a time-saving, energy-saving kitchen genius. Decide which features best fit your lifestyle. For example, if you have a large family or entertain a lot and have the space to accommodate, you may want to choose a full size dish washer over a slim line.

While we might purposely choose other products for specific features, we expect washing machines to just get the job done without grabbing our attention, so we don’t spend much time thinking about spin speed, energy rating or capacity. However, choosing the right washing machine is an important decision in efficiently running any household.

gaggenau modular fridge

cooling appliances

Largely forgotten in the decision making, but get it wrong and you could find yourself scraping ice out of the freezer of your new kitchen. Frost free freezer is becoming the industry standard on integrated appliances but not standard across manufactures entire range.

Are you a regular purchaser of fresh produce or do you like to store and freeze? Capacity, fridge to freezer splits, having an ice facility will finish your kitchen to perfection. Like your appliance choices we’ll be happy to guide you through.

fisher pakel coffee machine

lifestyle appliances

If you’re in to entertaining the you might be after wine storage. Wine fridges can be bought as standalone units or as part of a larger machine. They usually have glass fronts and decorative lighting for the discerning connoisseur proud of their collection. There are lots of capacity and zone options these days. If you like your white and red then a dual zone wine fridge might be for you to chill your white and keep your red at the perfect temperature.

Built in coffee machines are a great addition to any kitchen, particularly if you like nice coffee this could be your go to appliance rather than the one you dust off. We would recommend models that attach to your mains water as emptying filling a water reservoir can be annoying. Machines with built in bean grinders will not only make you a better cup but they will reduce the faff factor.


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